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to live easier

An easy way to beat normal limits

  • With us, getting a card is easier than long bank processes
  • From humble beginnings come great things
  • The key to success is having a positive attitude!
  • Today may be just like any other day but it’s yours!

Hexacard Features

Security, speed, and quality

Transaction statistics

Easily access information about all your transactions.

Professional card security

We monitor the quality and security of transactions 24/7 and do not allow any fraud.


Diverse features

Ability to change the card’s phone number, receive 3D card code through the application, 32 different currency units, and…

Why Hexacard?

Evolution in simplicity

Easy access to multiple cards

Easily purchase physical or virtual cards, specify employee or family member information such as the cardholder’s name or their contact number worldwide for each card, and add any desired balance to each card!

3D code, flexible

Receive the withdrawal confirmation code via your SIM card or through the application! Your payment will never be delayed by the 3D code.

Low Transaction Fee

Various and low fees for charging through different ways are at your disposal! More than 28 currencies of the world are available to you.